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The next time you go to tip a street performer on the streets of London, go for your credit card instead of some cash.

The city is rolling out a contactless pay system in what is being billed as a world first, giving performers card readers to allow them to set a fixed amount of money to donate and accept from passers-by.

The Busk in London project, an initiative by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, has partnered with the company iZettle for performers — known as buskers — to now accept payments through cash, contactless cards, and wearable technology, according to Sky News.

“Busking helps emerging artists to hone their talent and gives them the chance to perform in front of huge numbers of people,” Khan said in a statement. “I’m delighted that iZettle has chosen London to launch this innovative scheme — allowing artists to accept donations by card payment, as well as cash.”

The pay system also aims to increase the amount of money that buskers receive, according to organizers.

Full-time busker Charlotte Campbell, who has been part of a trial group using the system, told Sky News it’s already had a “significant impact” on the amount of money she’s received over two weeks.

“More people than ever tap-to-donate whilst I sing, and often, when one person does, another follows,” she said.

The tech company looks to roll out the contactless pay system to additional charity organizations after the debut on London’s streets.

Campbell told Sky News the tech upgrades will do more than just boost the bottom line of performers.

“I believe if street performers like myself don’t adapt to the cashless society we are edging towards, we’re at risk of becoming a dying art,” she said.

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