Three people in an unauthorized vehicle attempted to get into the National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters. Several people, including an attacker, were injured in a shooting.

Police in Fort Meade, Maryland responded to a shooting Wednesday morning. Photos emerged on social media showing a black SUV pinned behind a concrete barrier just outside of the NSA headquarters. The vehicle was surrounded by police and appeared to have gunshots in its front windshield. The FBI sent personnel to respond to the incident, FBI Baltimore said on Twitter.

An official NSA statement later reported that “shortly after 7:00am a vehicle attempted to enter [the] NSA’s secure campus in Ft. Meade, Maryland without authorization”. It also assured that the incident was “under control” and that there was “no ongoing security or safety threat”.

It explained that “weapons were discharged in the course of the incident.” 
Three people have been injured: an NSA office, a civilian onlooker and one of the people from the vehicle. They were taken to local hospitals. Two other men from the van were taken into custody.

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