Azusa Ushio
The Asahi Shimbun (Archive)

FUKUOKA–Restaurant chain operator Royal Holdings Co. has cooked up an innovative solution to overcome the labor shortage problem–eliminating cash payments.

Cashless restaurant Gathering Table Pantry will open on a trial basis in Tokyo on Nov. 6 with a “No Cash” sign at its entrance.

The Fukuoka-based company aims to enhance efficiency at the new outlet by doing away with the traditional payment management system.

With not even a terminal to top up IC card balances, the only payment methods accepted will be by credit cards and electronic money using a tablet device placed on each table, which will also be used by customers to place orders.

Royal Holdings said the 40-seat restaurant could be managed by just three staff members thanks to the cashless payment system.

The company plans to use the know-how to be gained from this outlet to its chain restaurants such as Royal Host.

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