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A recent article in Detroit CBS local, reveals that police in five counties are preparing to launch a one-year drug testing pilot program using Drug Recognition Experts (DRE).

“In an effort to combat drugged driving in the state, Michigan State Police say they will launch a one-year oral fluid roadside drug testing pilot program beginning next week.”

“For starters, only the following five Michigan counties will be included: Berrien, Delta, Kent, St. Clair and Washtenaw —  chosen based on several criteria, including the number of impaired driving crashes, impaired drivers arrested and trained Drug Recognition Experts (DREs) in the county.”

What are DRE’s you ask?

DRE’s are police officers who have been trained by fellow officers to look at a motorists pupils to determine what type of drugs they are on.

If someone you know, accidentally overdosed on drugs and was brought to the emergency room do you think a doctor could look at their eyes and determine what type of drugs they took?

Of course not.

So why is the justice system allowing this to continue? (To find out more about DRE’s click here & here.)

Police will use DRE’s to control people’s lives

Law enforcement across the country are suspending and revoking millions of people’s drivers licenses for things like failure to pay a ticket or taxes.

As I mentioned last week, law enforcement can and will use drivers license suspensions and revocations to control fundamental aspects of citizens daily lives.

Taking away a person’s drivers license or suspending it, means people won’t be able to ‘access their jobs, health care, child care and other fundamental aspects of daily life’.

Police use DRE’s to establish impaired driving policies

Law enforcement plans to use DRE’s to establish impaired driving policies.

“Police say the pilot program will establish policies for the administration of roadside drug testing to determine whether an individual is operating a vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance in violation of Michigan law.”

What is wrong with this picture?

How can we let police establish impaired driving policies?

Law enforcement does not care, if the their policies are flawed of scientifically invalid. All law enforcement is concerned with is ticketing and arresting people, it is the courts job to decide what is admissible.

DRE’s are junk science

(Click here & here to watch Parts 2 and 3.)

According to CBS, any motorist who refuses to submit to a DRE will be subject to a civil infraction.

This should serve as a warning to motorists everywhere, it is in everyone’s best interest to refuse to submit to drug testing. A civil infraction is far better than a felony drug conviction.

A year-long pilot DRE program will result in thousands of arrests or civil infractions for motorists and will bring in millions of dollars for law enforcement, courts and local budgets.

Our justice system does not care, if hundreds or thousands of innocent people are wrongfully arrested or charged with drugged driving.

It is business as usual in incarceration America.

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